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HSE Commitment

PT. DIP Engineering (PT. DE) is committed to ensuring a healthy and safe working environment for all personnel associated with the Project and also minimizing environmental impact due to the project activities. The Project works will operate under the Policy for Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), which provides the basis for management’s commitment to strong visible leadership and engenders a culture, which conveys the development, implementation and continuous improvement of the HSE Management System.

All employees and Subcontractors at work sites outside of office areas shall receive induction training (including reference to the Policy for HSE) before commencing work on the Project. The same induction process shall be completed for employees in an office environment within two weeks of commencing work on the Project.

In general, management shall ensure compliance with the Policy & Requirements for HSE by:

* Providing a high visible level of commitment and leadership.

* Setting achievable objectives and targets aimed at elimination of work-related injury and illness and prevention of pollution.

* Ensuring adequate resources are afforded to the Project to achieve and maintain those standards.

* Ensuring a comprehensive risk management process is implemented.

* Ensuring all work activities are planned and reviewed, including strategies for change and

* Monitoring performance and activities of all persons employed on the Project and ensuring corrective action is taken where necessary.

* Periodically assessing the performance and effectiveness of the health, safety and environmental program.

* Ensuring the policy is available to the public and third parties upon request

By maintaining compliance with all items above, Subcontractors Project Management Team will support the Project Management Team to achieve their HSE objectives - no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment.

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